16 Feb 8. Festival Next Generation

Right from the start the central idea of the FESTIVAL NEXT GENERATION has been the promotion of young musicians who are on the verge of an international career and whose talent has proved that they will develop into promising personalities. Some of those who were invited in the past have meanwhile embarked on brilliant careers, have produced recordings with major labels or are about to do so and have performed on well-known stages all over the world. Therefore, this festival is definitely a springboard for successful careers.

However, it goes without saying that not everyone is privileged to stand out from the huge mass and to start out on an international career, no matter how burning such hopes and aspirations might be. Apart from superb skills and getting the necessary support and encouragement these talents need to have a fair amount of assertiveness as well. Nevertheless, from 16 to 23 February you can experience in Bad Ragaz – for the eighth time – a large number of very good young musicians from all over the world: for example the Ensemble Esperanza, which has become a tremendous ensemble of international standing since it was founded in 2015 (during the festival) or various chamber music ensembles as well as the two artists in residence – the pianist Robert Neumann and the violinist Sara Domjanic. Some musicians have remained loyal to the festival even after carving out a brilliant career. This applies to the Austrian pianist Aaron Pilsan, who meanwhile is a sought-after guest on all European stages. In 2018 he will be participating in the FESTIVAL NEXT GENERATION with two special concerts (19 and 20 February 2018), which will demonstrate the remarkable development he has undergone since he first presented himself to a larger audience in Bad Ragaz. Pilsan has chosen the two parts of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier” to show why he receives high praise everywhere in the world.

And, certainly, the very young ones will be given a chance as well. On 18 February four young soloists will take to the stage: Mihaly Boros from Hungary (born in 2003), Hao-Wie Lin from Taiwan (born in 2004) and Evelyne Medvedko from Russia (also born in 2004) will be demonstrating their skills at the piano. Philipp Schupelius from Germany (born in 2003) will be captivating the audience with his cello performance. In connection with these very young musicians the audience in Bad Ragaz will definitely experience them on stage for the first time ever and before they are ready for making it into the international concert halls.

This year’s festival has a fascinating programme in store that ranges from Tomaso Antonio Vitali to Ennio Morricone and includes the wealth of wonderful “classical music” in all its facets. For the eighth time the FESTIVAL NEXT GENERATION will be a very special event – for the young artists as well as for the festival guests, who can experience the young talents at the Hotel Grand Resort Bad Ragaz not only on stage but can also meet them face to face during the day.


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